Postpartum reduce weight each age paragraph prevents fat method

产后减肥 各个年龄段预防肥胖的方法

Different age groups

How to prevent childhood obesity?

At present, the standard weight of Chinese children can be calculated by a simple formula: age × 2+8, more than 10% of the standard is overweight, more than 20% can be considered as obese. The reason that fat child sees more in contemporary family often is because the parent pursues tall nutrition one-sidedly, the result causes nutrition superfluous. Little did they know that a fat baby does not equal a strong one. Some children gain weight, but then the body is worse and worse, a cold, asthma, gastroenteritis always with it. In order to reduce and prevent children from getting fat, we should pay attention to the following points:

Get moving early. Early prevention. Parents should realize the harm of getting fat to children, let children in the establishment of good, for prevention.

The essay strengthens physical exercise. Many obese children do not eat more than normal children, but are mainly less active than other children. So it’s important to lose weight and increase your exercise expenditure. They should be encouraged to participate in more collective activities, walking more, especially swimming, playing ball, etc., for reducing and preventing obesity is very beneficial, should make full use of the child’s strong curiosity and competitive characteristics, choose suitable for children’s characteristics of sports, stimulate the enthusiasm of children. Parents and children should exercise together, and guidance, make the child persistent, develop habits, is a good way to urge the children to exercise.

(3) cultivate good eating habits. Obesity has certain heredity, but more is ” genetic ” parents bad eating habits, this point should cause the full attention of parents. Appropriate limit high fat, high simple sugar food, eat more vegetables, fruit, eat snacks, do not drink sweet drinks before meals, should pay attention to guide children to do.

Of even watching television and using computers in moderation. After dinner watching TV, playing video games, snacks and other bad habits are, watching TV too much, addicted to video games will be bad for health, easy to lead to childhood obesity.

5. Infants should be as much as possible to breastfeed, it may prevent the occurrence of obesity.

How to prevent adolescent obesity?

During youth development, human body is exuberant, the nutrient quantity that growth place needs increases also, in order to satisfy the need that the body develops. Adolescent appetite in adolescence is often exuberant, but if eat too much, especially high-calorie diet intake too much, less activity, it may cause more than out, excess energy will be converted into fat, resulting in obesity. Especially the girl, after entering adolescence, because of the effect of endocrine hormone, the girl becomes gentle and quiet, shy at a draught from the lively and active when the child, all sorts of more acuteness activity is participated in rarely, plus many girl preference contain the snack with high quantity of heat, will certainly cause nutrition superfluous, make the body get fat. Accordingly, the most important place that prevents adolescence to get fat is to strengthen physical exercise, stimulative body rapid growth, development. Pay attention to the balance of nutrients in the diet, eat more quality, vitamins, minerals rich food, such as fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, eat less fat food. Still should learn physiology sanitation knowledge actively, understand the change that the body produces and the problem that should notice, prevent the happening of fat proactively.

产后减肥 各个年龄段预防肥胖的方法

How to prevent pregnancy obesity?

Women are more likely to be obese during pregnancy because of continued overnutrition and reduced activity. During normal pregnancy, the increase of fetal weight, blood volume and extracellular fluid, as well as the increase of uterus and breast lead to the increase of body weight, which can add up to about 12 kilograms on average. Below the action of all sorts of endocrine hormone, metabolization is exuberant, cause eat more, drink more, sleep more, bring about adipose to increase finally, bodily form is changed. Yet many women insist. All for the children, can not eat also forced himself to eat. That & other; The more you eat, the fatter you are. As a result, they often eat foods high in sugar or fat and eventually find themselves gaining a lot of weight while their children end up with a very light weight. What is more serious is, overweight weight brings more burden to internal organs, the incidence of diabetes, diabetes is much higher than normal weight, even affect the health of the fetus. Accordingly ought to prevent the happening of fat actively.

The first step is to limit fat intake, especially during the last three months of pregnancy.

Secondly, the intake of sugary foods should be controlled.

And weight monitoring should be done. Generally speaking, pregnant woman weight increases 1 ~ 1.5 kilograms in gravid first 3 months, increase with 300 ~ 400 grams every week after. If the weight that discovers oneself already exceeded the standard of a certain period greatly, be about to adjust food according to actively, increase activity quantity appropriately, do the housework of a few ability in one’s power, had better insist to take a walk 1 hour or so after meal everyday. Physical exercise is not good for a smooth delivery.

How to prevent postpartum obesity?

Some slim women, after pregnancy, childbirth, when the mother, the body gradually put on weight, lost the charm of the past. On the one hand, it is because of the temporary disorder of hypothalamic-gonadal function caused by pregnancy, especially the imbalance of fat metabolism. On the other hand, it is because of the Chinese tradition. Nursing & throughout; The theory of postpartum, in the first month, in order to lactation let mother eat a large number of high fat high protein food, so that the intake of nutrients greatly exceed the amount required, and very little physical activity and energy consumption greatly reduced, eventually make the body fat cells filling. Both are the basis for reproductive obesity. So how should postpartum attention?

Maternity should do the following:

• eat well. Postpartum should increase nutrition, but do not partial feed chicken duck fish fish egg, and should meat and vegetable collocation, milk, vegetables, fruits, staple food to eat, eat less animal oil, fat meat, animal viscera and sweet.

• early activities. Healthy, no perineal tear maternal, postpartum 24 hours after the activity should be out of bed, after a week can do some minor housework. Insist to take a walk after the meal everyday, can promote the adjustment of metabolism, promote adipose decompose, use up redundant energy inside body, make oneself do not send get fat.

But insist on breastfeeding. Lactation can accelerate lacteal secretion, have profit greatly to infant, still can make maternal metabolism and nutrition cycle, the superfluous nutrition in body organization is carried come out, reduce adipose in the accumulation inside body, advantageous with puerpera reduce weight.

Of doing postnatal health exercises. The goal is still to increase exercise. Postpartum a week, can begin to exercise abdominal muscle and lumbar muscle on the bed, have apparent effect to reducing abdominal, coxal adipose. (photo by visual China)