How does ham root ministry thick reduce?


How does ham root ministry thick reduce?

The season that shows leg already arrived, do not reduce weight again really late. A lot of people’s thigh root fat is a lot, today small make up to share with you a few, follow small make up to see together.

The reason that ham root ministry flesh is much

1. Evolutionary factors

Women are hard-wired to lose their hips and thighs, according to a university of Texas study. Because from an evolutionary perspective, the fat on the hips and thighs is needed to provide the energy needed to breastfeed, or to prepare for a possible famine during pregnancy. To this, just want to say that the prevention mechanism of body function is very perfect!

2, disorder,

As a woman, estrogen can make you both attractive and invisible. For example, if you have ever had a meal, a full meal, disorderly clothing, unplanned pregnancy, etc., will let estrogen secretion disorders. When estrogen is confused, it causes fat to build up around the abdomen and thighs, which can lead to weight gain.

3. Cross your legs often

If you habitually sit on your legs all day, it can hinder blood and lymph circulation in your legs and cause swelling in your lower body. Do not do dropsy to nurse well again, for instance massage, inferior limb vein can highlight gradually, affect inferior body circulation badly, bring about adipose add thick, connect muscle to be met stiff.

It’s too tight

Many girls like to wear tight clothes, such as tight jeans and corsets, to make themselves look thin, or even think that the more tight the thinner. In fact, you are wrong, too tight clothing will hinder the normal movement of the legs, but also hinder the waist and leg parts of the blood circulation; Short skirt can make leg ministry catch cold, affect haemal circulation likewise, bring about.

The wrong way to walk

The part that USES the most in the life is leg ministry, think you are everywhere to use double leg, if your walk posture is incorrect, affirmation meeting affects your leg model.

Sitting for too long

A lot of people sit in a chair for a whole day, lower body wants changeless fat hard. When sitting, “ Groins & throughout; (i.e., the groin, the hollow groove where the human abdomen meets the legs) is compressed, resulting in blocked blood flow and lymphatic circulation. And hematic flow, lymphatic circulatory retention is blocked not only easy cause oedema, still bring about inside easy still body waste cannot decompose, make adipose, moisture accumulation forms.

7, long cold legs

People are used to in low temperature season, open indoor warm wind. But little imagine, according to heat bilge the principle of cold shrink, indoor air mass is in suffer heat to expand hind, its density also can decrescent accordingly (change light), so warm air mass can go up ceaselessly leap up, and those who stay at people foot remained density is bigger (heavier) cold air mass. If you do not pay attention to, the long term will lead to cold lower body, the body’s blood circulation function will become worse and worse.


Six steps

Index: u u u u u

Practice times: do 10 ~ 15 times in a group, 4 times a day

1. Stand with your feet open as far as possible, and stand on the floor with your knees extended. Put your whole body on the floor and use gravity to fight against your body.

2 under the stomach inward, feet like squat horse step slowly squat, appear large “ Andy: & throughout; Glyph, right hand holds cobuttock hind rim to push before, left hand is grabbed from ham inside cobuttock inferior rim, pull forward.

3. Lower abdomen and inner thigh to force, hands slowly lift hips, the body along straight.

4. Look straight ahead and slowly place your hands behind your body. Grasp the left elbow with your right hand and the right elbow with your left hand.

5. Stop in this position, exhale for 8 beats, and slowly squat down for 10 degrees.

Inhale 8 beats and slowly push up towards the ceiling. (photo by visual China)