Eat less of these 4 fruits

减肥食谱排行榜 这4种水果最好少吃

Eat less of these 4 fruits

Many people may think to eat fruit is a must, because the fruit contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and cellulose are important nutrients of human body, but not all fruit to eat, plus a summer to many girls don’t feel satisfied with their bodies would be thinking about weight loss and fruit is, of course, they lose weight, but even what fruit nutrition is rich, but every day also can not be used as diets, especially the following 4 kinds of fruit.


Most people eat avocado because it gas-guzzling glyceric acid, and vitamin E, and can help, and it also can effectively, contractive pore effect, but even the effect of avocado so much, but it is not suitable for weight loss of friends to eat more, after all, a normal avocado is equal to the size of the human body to eat three bowls of rice.

2, durian

Durian should everyone is familiar with, the title of the king of fruits is real, there are a lot of people like to eat durian, is often went to the fruit shop to sell, instead of dinner some people like to eat more fruit to cure hunger, but came back from inside the shop to buy one if you don’t eat and worried that it’s broken, the whole durian eat may is more than to eat some dinner.

3, jackfruit

Jackfruit most of them are inside, you can see when I was to buy it, its secretion is sugar, super glue the hand, and the content of sugar is like our everyday eat rice, if eating too much can lead to the phenomenon of the more you have, the more fat, to lose weight when you I did not eat anything, or a long fat, the problem is that it.

4, jujube

Jujube xinjiang should be more famous, plus the grape is, because the temperature difference in xinjiang there is relatively large, the production of fruit sugar content is also very high, weight loss friends know, high calorie high sugar food is taboo to lose weight, if not careful greedy may let the previous period of time hard in vain.

减肥食谱排行榜 这4种水果最好少吃

What does summer eat the fastest


The fiber content of pear fruit is very high in all kinds of fruits, each medium-sized pear contains about 4 grams of cellulose. More fiber means more satiety and better ability to stabilize blood sugar. & ndash; It doesn’t cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop.


Apples are also rich in fiber. A medium apple peel contains 4.4 grams of dietary fiber. After peeling, the dietary fiber in apple meat is 2.1 grams.

Remember the saying in junior high English class: “ An apple a day keeps the doctors. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple a day keeps the pounds. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Fruit class:

A variety of watermelons, cantaloupes and so on. Melons and fruits are rich in water, so the calories are not high. If you eat half a cantaloupe, you may only have 100 calories.


Cherries have a very low glycemic index, which means that although they taste sweet, they are not easily absorbed by your blood, so they do not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which is important for weight loss and management. Foods with a high glycemic index (gi) cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes the body to produce more insulin, which promotes fat synthesis.


Grape can reduce weight the existence that feels to a lot of people is mystery same, in fact, the principle that grape reduces weight and cherry are same. Because its sugar won’t be absorbed by your body quickly. (photo by visual China)