Can massage reduce weight to be able to reduce weight 3 action help you fix thin body easily

按摩减肥能够减肥吗 三招帮你轻松搞定瘦身

Can you lose weight? Three tips to help you lose weight easily

Tap your feet

In the evening before sleeping every day with fists percussion sole, do so can eliminate the fatigue of the day, promote the whole body blood circulation, is the internal organs to enhance the function, so that the excretion of blood vessels unimpeded, speed up the speed of burning fat. Method: center on the ball of the foot, proceed rhythmically, with slight pain feeling as degree, about 100 times for each foot.

按摩减肥能够减肥吗 三招帮你轻松搞定瘦身

Shake your feet

If the whole body blood circulation is not good, will occur internal dysfunction and endocrine disorders, physical toxins can not be removed in time, the speed is too slow, resulting in. Shaking your feet can improve blood circulation and speed up your metabolism. How to do it: lie on your back in bed or on the floor. Let your feet dangle in the air and then rotate them like a bicycle. Lasting for 2 minutes, blood circulation in the whole province is unobstructed immediately, and it is helpful to improve sleep.

Walking barefoot

The biggest advantage of this method is to make the palm gets the opportunity that take exercise, the palm is the main place that maintains balance, when walking, let the palm get stimulation as far as possible, can try to walk pebble road, or the mat that prepares a belt fruity protuberant in the home is padded. Practice: let five fingers separate movement is also a big advantage of barefoot walking, in order to lose weight and health, in the home as far as possible to let the feet from shoes and socks liberation, barefoot walking. Hold for 2 minutes.