Postpartum weight loss tips to let you recover quickly figure

产后瘦身有诀窍 让你神速恢复身材

There are tricks to getting in shape fast

Week 6: lose weight according to your condition

Postpartum mom people are sitting after the month is born must not begin to reduce weight immediately, because the recuperation that passes a month cannot make the body returns completely antenatal state, because this still needs to continue to restore physical strength. Suggest to be in postpartum about 6 weeks hind, according to oneself circumstance will consider plan reducing weight appropriately.

Postpartum 2 months after: appropriate weight loss

When childbirth is full 2 months and the body gets after restoring, postpartum mothers although breastfeed also can begin to undertake reducing weight step by step, might as well at this time increase motion appropriately, reduce certain appetite, pay attention to improve dietary structure, pay attention to ensure certain nutrition is absorbed.

Postpartum 4 months: increase weight loss efforts

For mothers who are still breast-feeding, the duration of breastfeeding is still limited to controls after 2 months, such as moderate reductions in food intake and moderate increases in exercise. If the women who do not need breastfeeding in postpartum full 4 months, that is, like prenatal weight loss, appropriate control of diet, at the same time appropriate increase in exercise, in order to eliminate the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen.

Postpartum 6 months: critical period for weight loss

Postpartum 6 months is the golden period of weight control, because in this period, the mother’s hormone will quickly return to the original state, at the same time the rate will therefore return to normal, or even accelerate, so that the body naturally into the optimal state of dew reduction, so 6 months postpartum is. Golden age of weight loss ” .

产后瘦身有诀窍 让你神速恢复身材

Postpartum precautions:

1, avoid to eat

If women in the postpartum is breastfeeding, must not use diet drugs to slim down, because diet drugs will affect the human body’s normal metabolism, especially eat diet drugs, most of the drugs will be excreted from the milk, resulting in poor detoxification function of the baby’s liver, causing abnormal liver function.

2, the use of abdominal band can not be too tight or try not to use

Although can use abdominal belt in postpartum inborn, but when activity measure is big, free viscera inside the body is pulled pull can make the person feels very afflictive, should bear in mind abdominal belt cannot be too tight.

Confidence is the most important

The mood of puerpera postpartum is very important, because puerpera has confidence to reduce weight, such ability conduce to postpartum thin body.