Try these for weight loss in the fall

秋季减肥 不如试试这些

How about trying these

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is everybody is familiar with food, especially popular, fiber, soft, it is the most easy to human digestion, aperient effect is extremely strong, have full again, so is often regarded as a weight loss of food to eat, also somebody directly make sweet potato as a staple food, made from sweet potatoes, sweet potato porridge, steamed sweet potatoes, sweet potato and milk collocation will also be made into sweet milk to drink. Sweet potato calories are very low, only about the same portion of steamed bread more than half.


We often had a few hawthorn cakes in the morning, when we had had too much to digest, because it could help us digest quickly. Hawthorn contains up to 20% of the crude fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis. Hawthorn still can increase activity of pepsin, the lipase that contains can promote adipose decompose, have xiaoshi to accumulate, aid digest action, the effect in respect of digesting flesh is particularly remarkable. It still has fall blood fat and the action of blood pressure, to prevent cardiovascular disease and aggrandizement heart especially beneficial.


Papaya contains a papaya enzyme, these papaya enzyme can not only decompose, sugar, but also decompose fat, this can be said to be the biggest characteristic of papaya, by decomposing fat can go, reduce mast cells, promote, in time to excess fat out of the body, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. In addition, there is treatment of gastroenteritis, dyspepsia, prevention of the role of the digestive system cancer.

秋季减肥 不如试试这些

Barley tea

A lot of people have the habit of drinking tea, and barley tea has the effect of fat removal, fat solution, digestion, qi and stomach. Barley tea made from roasted barley contains a variety of trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated and dietary fiber required by the human body. Health drinks ” . In addition, barley tea also has a unique dietary fiber, soluble in tea can be the dietary fiber in the intestines and stomach. Garbage & throughout; Take outside the body, make the person relaxed, reduce weight, still won’t bring any redundant quantity of heat and burden.

Drink more water

The weather of autumn is drier, human body is opposite the absorption function of moisture also can enhance accordingly, once the moisture inside the body cannot be added in time, can obstruct the metabolic function of the body, make redundant waste remain inside body easily instead inside the body eduction hard. Accordingly, want in the autumn, had better be able to add moisture more namely, the metabolism action inside such body can be undertaking ceaselessly, the waste that lets help eduction body thereby and toxin, can be in very quickly successful.