Method of summer reduce weight apple milk reduces weight law

夏季减肥方法 苹果牛奶减肥法

In the summer

Specifically, the two days of the plan can be divided into two days. Apple day & throughout; And & other Milk day & throughout; . If you look at the week, Monday is the start of the internship program, then Monday is. Apple day & throughout; Simply put, it means that the food of the day is only apples, apples or apples, no food other than apples is allowed, and no water is allowed. Then Tuesday is “ Milk day & throughout; If you are hungry, drink milk. If you are thirsty, drink milk. Never drink water or mix it with apples.

& other; Apple day & throughout;

First of all, the first day of weight loss plan, to prepare about two pounds of apples, the number of control in 5 to 7. From the time I got up in the morning to the time I went to bed at night, I could only eat apples. I could not eat any other food or water. Remember to take small, slow bites of an apple every time you eat it, to reduce hunger.

There are also some people who eat apples all day long, along with fruit and vegetable juices (fruits and vegetables should be juiced directly, remember not to add water), but absolutely no sugar or dairy products, etc.

Apple function — & ndash; Reduce calorie intake

Eat an apple to reduce weight, can let system of digestion inside the body get sufficient rest, make restore original function, and can reduce the quantity of heat inside the body absorb, accordingly, can use up the quantity of heat that stores inside the body adequately, in order to prevent adipose hoard up, this had the effect that the apple reduces weight.

& other; Milk day & throughout;

Next, arrive the 2nd day that reduce weight plan, prepare the defatted milk of about 1000 milliliter (do not advocate to use yoghurt to replace), divide milk into 6 to 8 perhaps 10, drink only when drinking every time, also can drink milk only all day, do not take other food and water absolutely.

This day is very important, it is the key day that reduces weight, the adipose inside body can reduce be about to see you this day can hold to! Remember water can not drink, the day before the apple can not eat oh!

夏季减肥方法 苹果牛奶减肥法

Milk function — & ndash; To speed up

It is generally believed that dairy products are high in fat and calories, so many people who lose weight choose not to eat dairy products. But research shows that dairy products are rich in calcium, which is important for breaking down body fat. Tests on humans over time have shown that the calcium in dairy does help the body produce more fat-degrading enzymes. Then, if you want to lose weight, eat at least three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy products every day.

Apple method & ndash; & ndash; Really lose body fat

This method of reducing weight has certain scientific basis. First of all, you should not drink water on the first day of weight loss, because if you drink water on the first day of weight loss, your body will consume water first, not water. Therefore, apple day to cut off water, the purpose is to reduce their own body water. And to milk day, since the previous day is almost entirely the consumption of water in the body, and also reduced almost, to milk day will turn to reduce the body fat. So, milk day is the key day that reduces weight, this day cannot drink water more, passed the appetite control of two days so, weight can reduce a few jins very quickly. If you do this a few times, you will lose a lot of weight very quickly, and the effect of weight loss is also very significant, because in the process of weight loss is actually lost to the body fat.

After reducing weight plan, the proposal adopts the light food of a day of 3 meals normally, and this chooses, low candy, have nutrition food. When eating, be sure to eat slowly, slow down the speed, so as to control the amount of food. To form a good habit, you must first give up the habit of eating late night snacks, snacks and drinks should also be away from your mouth. Take apple milk law reducing weight, a lot of people can be in inside two days fast thin several jins, general also have 4 jins at least, most amount to 7 jins or above. If you want to lose weight, this can be done every two days or as a good way to clear your bowels and lose weight.