Winter weight loss method inventory of ten tips winter easy weight loss

冬季减肥方法 盘点十种妙招冬季轻松瘦身

Winter inventory 10 tips winter easy weight loss

The most effective method a, reduce weight yoga + fat film crystal

In recent years, more and more fashion (weibo) join yoga practice, it is generally believed by adjusting the yoga breathing, meditation to release the potential of the human body, but the principle is simple, through a long period of time to maintain a relatively high difficulty action of each, to consume energy, body movement is not common, workout, lazy, fat make weight loss effect is obvious. In fact, yoga and other things are rely on to achieve slimming, the biggest difference is that the general, such as running, such as only mechanical movement to one or several parts of the body, and yoga can make the whole body to get exercise.

Lipid membrane crystal is a kind of rosemary, fennel, coffee factor, black grape, cocoa essence as the main ingredients, with a high permeability of the essence, by applying on the skin surface, stimulate the body’s metabolism of inert fat. In the process of practicing yoga with lipid membrane crystal, make up for the yoga and other sports like time consuming, physical consumption of big defects.

Two, fresh fruit is the best snack

If you are a glutton cat, you can use fruit instead of snacks. Fresh fruit is very ideal food reducing weight, they contain rich cellulose, vitamins, minerals and so on to reduce weight to reduce weight very advantageous nutrients, can not only meet your desire for sweets, help control appetite, can also reduce caloric intake.

The most effective way to lose weight fast three, eat like a lady

Think of how ladies eat: a little soup before a meal; Eat slowly and enjoy every morsel of food you eat. Even the most delicious food is not to eat, taste; Never touch leftovers on the dinner table, or sit in front of the TV without looking at them. & hellip; These, not only a lady symbol, it is a small secret to control their own diet. Chewing 20 bites will give you a better sense of pleasure and will help you feel full. So, change your voracious eating habits, a little bit of change, will build a slim and healthy you.

The most effective fast method reducing weight 4, do not cut breakfast and lunch too harshly

Don’t skimp on breakfast and lunch, as they are not only the key to providing calories for your daily activities, but also the key to not overeating in the evening and during non-meal times.

The most effective way to lose weight quickly five, eat hot things

One of the biggest reasons to want to eat in the winter is to maintain your body’s calories. Therefore, if you eat hot food, not only the body will heat up, but also can promote digestion, speed up the metabolism. When eating to pay attention to the food temperature, don’t bother, eat hot food hot rice, food cold, must be hot to eat.

If the winter fruit is too cold, you can also cook a pot of delicious fruit soup. Wash the apple, pear and orange into chunks and cook them in a pot. Don’t cook them for too long.

The most effective fast method reducing weight 6, maintain food 3 low 3 tall

The so-called three low, is low oil, low salt, low sugar; So-called 3 tall, it is high protein, tall vitamin, tall cellulose. Low oil means to eat little or no Fried food. Low salt is as far as possible to let the taste light, eat less spicy, so as not to open the appetite and hurt the spleen and stomach. Low sugar is not to say that do not eat sugar, but to strictly control ice cream, cream cakes and other high-calorie food.

High protein is the nutrient that maintains human body organ, want to hold 30% left and right sides in food normally, but to the person that is eager to reduce fat, can adjust protein tall 60% left and right sides, but what basically absorb should be plant protein, wait like legume. Vitamins can delay the aging of cells. Vegetables and fruits are the main sources of vitamins. Fruit (apple, orange, watermelon, strawberry) vegetable (cucumber, tomato, celery). Cellulose can help our bowel peristalsis, be helpful for detoxification, maintain the brightness of the skin clean, corn, celery, buckwheat are the food that contains high cellulose.

冬季减肥方法 盘点十种妙招冬季轻松瘦身

The most effective fast method reducing weight 7, the walk of daily 10 thousand pace can maintain bodily form to do not rebound

The speed that feels a little bit perspire, walk everyday 10 thousand pace, can use up 836KJ. You can lose 1kg in a month. In time, equivalent to walking two hours a day, you can cover a distance of four kilometers at a slightly faster speed than normal. It is more effective to walk on a slope, such as a step.

The most effective way to lose weight quickly eight, take a hot bath

Same as above “ It’s like eating hot food. Hot water baths have the same effect. & ndash; Maintain body heat and speed up metabolism.

A hot bath is the ultimate luxury in winter. It can make you a day of tension mood get slow, virtually also achieved the effect of weight loss. When you completely soak your body in hot water, your pores will automatically expand, allowing your skin to completely forget the cold outside and to sweat a lot in a season that is not prone to sweating. Same, with hot bubble foot, with warm vanity also have quhan warm body, accelerate the effect of blood flow.

The most effective way to lose weight quickly nine, instrument weight loss

The instrument reduces weight to need to lie on reducing weight bed only, through reducing weight the shake of the instrument wave form is passive motion, cooperate finally the massage that reduces weight division to relevant place, achieve reduce weight purpose, reduce weight at the same time the skin is tightened solid sex improves greatly.

Suit a crowd: suit the crowd that the skin compares flabby, especially postpartum mom.

The most effective fast method reducing weight 10, milk vinegar law reducing weight

Milk vinegar USES the method that the mixture of milk and edible vinegar reduces weight namely. Drinking milk vinegar after a meal can help you lose weight, so it is very popular among women.

People who drink more milk are less likely to be obese than those who drink less milk, the report said. Milk is rich in calcium and other nutrients, and vinegar can promote cholesterol and fat in vitro emissions, so the mixture of milk and vinegar can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and help the treatment of constipation. Additional, it still can adjust the quantity of humoral effectively, and can prevent the symptom such as dropsy.