The boy rides ferris wheel head by card children accident escort safety

A boy sat alone on a ferris wheel in taizhou on Sunday. When the ferris wheel was running overhead, the boy put his whole body out of the window and got his head stuck in the fence of the back of the seat. His body was hanging out of the cabin. Ferris wheel around the boy was finally rescued, fortunately only suffered skin injuries. The mother was not with the child.

The boy was in cabin 18 of the ferris wheel. The boy was so naughty that he couldn’t sit still and began to climb when he reached the height. The small bright head is bigger, stuck between two guardrail, so the person did not fall off. The boy was then rushed to the people’s hospital. The doctor examined the child and said he had only a scratch on his neck. At present, local relevant departments have been involved in the investigation.

Many children like to have a place to play, play fun these recreational facilities for the children, but if you don’t pay attention to the scope of activities, is potentially dangerous, so the child to the ferris wheel, roller coaster this kind of equipment, the best in a particular security area, the guardian also can’t let them leave the line of sight, can effectively prevent the accident. In addition, accident risk is easy to happen in children’s life, so parents need to take precautions in advance, to buy a child accident insurance, escort life safety.

The boy rides ferris wheel head by card children accident escort safety

男孩乘摩天轮头被卡 少儿意外险护航安全

Children’s casualty (also called a child casualty, is specially designed for children’s accidental injury insurance, with minor body serves as insurance mark, insurant with minor because insurant suffers accident harm to cause death, disability, medical expenses, or lose labor ability temporarily pays insurance gold the condition to insurance. Although accident insurance of little child cannot resist the happening of accident, can provide be in hospital medical treatment allowance and be in hospital allowance after accident happening however, reduce the economic burden of the family.

Parents should pay attention to the limit of insurance amount when buying children’s accident insurance for their children. The circ has made mandatory regulations for preventing moral risk, that is, insuring children’s accident insurance for minors. The death insurance limit for minors who have reached the age of 10 but not 18 is 500,000 yuan.

Next, parents buy accident insurance charge to the child unfavorable and too tall, answer to live within one’s means according to family economic condition, the proposal accounts for 5% or so of family total income. When choosing little accident risk, had better scald, burn, fall, tracheal foreign body to wait for the insurance responsibility of children common accident to cover inside, the person safety that such ability caress a child more comprehensively is safe.