British woman rescued after falling into the sea personal accident insurance against reckless

A British woman was rescued from the Adriatic Sea on Sunday after falling from a cruise ship and drifting for 10 hours. The woman was on the Norwegian star cruise ship near Croatia when she fell overboard, the cruise line said.

Crew members on board have cordoned off the area where she allegedly tripped over a metal guardrail. It is not clear how or why she fell from the back of the boat or at what height. The Norwegian star arrived in Venice, Italy, on Sunday afternoon without the woman. Two and a half hours later, the ship left for the next station.

Month, waxing, rain or shine, and tragedies will descend in life we often cannot avoid an accident, and in addition to strengthen their own protection measures, we also need to save for a rainy day in advance, to buy a personal insurance, to pass on the economic burden of accident occurs, or unfortunately, also can give the family a compensation, reduce the economic burden, also can get some psychological comfort.

英女子坠海后获救 人身意外险抵御无妄之灾

British woman rescued after falling into the sea personal accident insurance against reckless

Accident of person accident danger, namely person accident injures insurance, it is to show the insurance period inside the agreement, cause insurant to die or deformity because of happening accident, pay medical treatment charge or lose labor ability temporarily, insurance company is agreed according to both sides, a kind of insurance that pays insurance gold of certain amount to insurant or beneficiary beneficiary. Safeguard item cent gives pay of death, deformity gives pay, medical treatment gives pay and shutdown pay.

When insuring, you want to consider insurance amount above all, when accident of accident of everybody choose and buy when, the proposal is protected the forehead does not want too low, when the accident happens, make sure to be able to offer the insurance compensation with higher quota for oneself. In general, the recommended amount of accident insurance is 10 times your annual income, which means that if your annual income is 60,000 yuan, the amount of accident insurance should be 600,000 yuan. If the insured amount is too low, economic risks cannot be transferred effectively and the guarantee function of insurance cannot be well played.

Next, when insuring person accident risk, had better choose to contain the product of allowance of accident death, accident disable, accident medical treatment and accident hospitalization, when treating so relevant charge is covered completely, can reduce the economic loss that accident brings maximum degree; Next after accident medical treatment accident happens unfortunately, because accident is in hospital medical treatment and the loss of missed work, provide additional economic compensation.

Finally, personal accident danger compensates to have strict standard, need the body that is not original intention, external, unpredictable reason causes insurant suffers the objective event of serious trauma, because this wants clear when buying insurance insurance safeguard limits, prevent late period manage a claim to have dispute from time to time.