Details of the provisions of the baby and child protection plan

【 abstract 】 small pregnant mother and child protection plan can ensure the safety of pregnant women, is a family can not ensure a guarantee. It is reported that the contents of the provisions of the baby protection plan are insured age, insurance period, hesitation period and the procedures for your termination of the contract. Below, we will have a look at the detailed introduction.

Insured age

The insured’s age at the time of insurance is the age of insurance, and the age of insurance is calculated in terms of one year old. The age of insurance accepted in this contract is 18 to 40 years old.

During the period of insurance

The insurance period of this contract shall be one year from the effective date of this contract to 24 hours after the expiry date of the insurance mentioned in the policy.

Details of the provisions of the baby and child protection plan

Hesitation period

There is a 15-day hesitation period from the day after you sign and receive this additional contract. During this period, please carefully review this additional contract. If you think that this additional contract is not in conformity with your requirements, you need to combine the master contract and propose to terminate this additional contract, and we will refund the premium you paid for this additional contract without interest.

When the contract is terminated, you need to fill out the application form and provide your insurance contract and valid identification. This additional contract shall be terminated upon receipt of your written application for termination, and we shall not be liable for insurance.

The procedure for your termination of the contract


If the insured does not have the insured accident, you may, after the hesitation period, request to terminate this contract in writing and provide us with the following certificates and materials:

(1) original insurance contract or other insurance certificates;

(2) application for termination of the contract;

(3) your valid legal identification.

This contract shall be terminated from the date when you apply for termination in writing. We will return the cash value of this contract to you within 30 days upon receipt of the above supporting documents and materials.

You will suffer a certain loss if you cancel the contract after the hesitation period.