South Korean factory fire accident insurance to protect the lives of overseas workers

A 33-year-old Chinese man was killed when a fire broke out at a plastics factory in sihsing, gyeonggi province, South Korea at about 4:10 PM local time Friday, yonhap news agency reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The fire, which is believed to have started at the plant’s open storage area, spread to two nearby buildings, the report said. The fire department put in 43 fire trucks and 106 officers and soldiers to fight the blaze. The bodies of the dead Chinese were found in an open storage area. The head of south Korean police said, “the victims are former employees of the factory. It is not clear why he was at the factory.

In 2017, 102 Chinese workers died overseas from work-related injuries. The sites are mainly in neighboring Singapore, Indonesia, central Asia, west Asia, north Africa and other places where Chinese enterprises have undertaken many construction projects, such as Algeria and Israel. Such shocking data shows that the safety of the majority of overseas workers is a threat to the personal safety, so we should pay attention to, to ensure that employees in overseas peace, happiness and prosperity, small make up here to recommend the majority of workers to buy a comprehensive protection of overseas workers accident insurance guarantee.

South Korean factory fire accident insurance to protect the lives of overseas workers

韩国工厂突发大火 意外险护海外职工生命安全

Overseas-working staff buys accident insurance, the country that should inform insurance company place to go in detail, be engaged in occupation and go out time, because place goes to a country, be engaged in occupation is different, have different rate, for instance, the country that a few are happening riot and civil war, insurance company does not protect very likely or raise insurance premium; Countries that include foreign emergency relief are easier to insure and have a wide range of options.

Additional personnel of worker of overseas labor buys accident insurance, the proposal is sure the forehead does not want too low, when accident happens, assure to be able to offer the insurance compensation with higher quota for oneself. Below normally, of general accident insurance protect the forehead proposal with annual income 10 times advisable, if protect forehead too low, cannot pass on economic risk effectively, cannot play the safeguard function of insurance very well.

Now the market to protect the overseas workers insurance is numerous, many consumers do not know how to choose, in this small series recommend you to sell a product on the Internet – overseas workers (1-4 categories) – wise choice travel insurance plan C, flexible term, 1 to 12 months optional; Covers 1 to 4 occupations with broad coverage; It is also designed to provide accident insurance for overseas migrant workers, so the insurance is more accurate and the premium is more cost-effective.