Passenger plane overshot the runway into the sea air accident insurance guard travel safety

An air New Guinea passenger plane veered off the runway and crashed into the sea on September 28, local time. All 47 passengers and crew on board were rescued. Air New Guinea flight PX073 crashed into a lagoon while landing at the airport in the state of micochuk at about 8:50 am local time on September 28. There were four Chinese nationals on board, two of whom were seriously injured. The Chinese embassy in micah has immediately asked the local government and the hospital to take care of the injured, and sent staff to the hospital to visit the injured and provide assistance.

Air Papua New Guinea said in a brief statement that the incident occurred “in very bad weather, with heavy rain resulting in a significant reduction in visibility.” The statement said the company would do all it could to take care of its passengers and crew. The Papua New Guinea accident investigation commission will send officers to the scene to investigate the incident, the report said.

Although the probability of aircraft accident is not very high, but once the accident occurs, but once the accident is often the result of aircraft destruction and death, to the victims of the family brought a heavy blow, secondly, in recent years, frequent aircraft accidents, make aviation accident insurance into everyone’s line of sight. Therefore, people who often fly are advised to take precautions in advance, and it is better to buy an aviation accident insurance in advance before departure to protect travel safety.

Passenger plane overshot the runway into the sea air accident insurance guard travel safety

Air accident insurance is the abbreviation of personal accident insurance for air passengers. It is a highly targeted commercial insurance designed by insurance companies for air travelers. Its insurance deadline steps from insurable passenger the cabin door of the flight flight that carries clear on guarantee slip begins to arrive at destination port to walk out cabin door to stop. Its insurance liability is insured the passengers on board, the plane glides, flight, landing process, the aircraft accident within the insurance period was physically harm to cause death or disability, the insurance company shall, in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions stated by the insurance amount to pay die insurance, or by physical disa客机冲出跑道入海 航空意外险守护出行安全bilities, the proportion of payment corresponding to pay disability insurance.


Buy aviation accident insurance, occasionally travel by air, can choose a single plan of aviation insurance, generally short protection period, only a few days, the price is also very cheap, usually low to a few yuan; Frequent business travelers can buy the annual plan of aviation insurance, the guarantee period is one year, the price is generally in dozens of yuan, can obtain a high cost performance year unlimited travel times aircraft accident protection.

Second, aviation insurance except for flight delay or cancel this kind of common risk guarantee, and aviation accident death, disability, or on a plane before the purchase of aviation accident risk, if unfortunate accident, in the process of flying by insurance passenger family can rely on the policy for aviation accident die insurance compensation from the insurance company to provide.