Xizang ali 5.1 earthquake insurance claims transferred economic risks

According to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Management, a 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit ritu county in ali, xizang on September 28. As of 7 PM, 28, no casualties, house collapse and property damage reports, the disaster is still further verification.

Epicenter from ritu county 135 kilometers, belongs to the no man’s land, 10 kilometers inside the personnel is very rare, 23 kilometers from the epicenter of the east ruxiang earthquake, ritu county city no earthquake. At present, xizang ritu county fire brigade is rushed to the earthquake area. After the earthquake, the Ministry of Emergency Management attached great importance to it, requiring it to quickly verify the disaster situation, strengthen the analysis and analysis of the earthquake situation, closely track the development situation, and organize rescue according to the actual situation of the earthquake area.

Natural and man-made disasters are often unable to avoid, we in addition to grasp the necessary earthquake self-help knowledge, but also need to insure earthquake insurance to reduce the economic losses brought by the disaster. Because our country does not have special earthquake insurance now, but have partial insurance to plant earthquake disaster to bring into safeguard limits just, because this takes everybody below to understand what insurance product can serve as our earthquake insurance, pay bill for relevant loss.

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Personal accident insurance compensates for casualties

If the earthquake caused casualties, a suitable personal accident insurance can be transferred to economic risk. Want to know, accident insurance can be aimed at insurant because accident causes death, disable or pay the circumstance of medical treatment charge to pay corresponding insurance gold, and the earthquake causes masses to be injured to belong to accident. If the injured person has taken out appropriate accident insurance before, he/she can apply to the insurance company for accidental medical insurance to reduce his/her economic loss.

Home insurance with additional earthquake liability reduces damage


Earthquake comes, can cause building collapse commonly, cause serious economic loss to affected masses, to this, residents can use appropriate home property insurance to claim for compensation. Earthquake as a specific natural phenomenon, part of the property products will be earthquake as an exception, the earthquake caused by the loss of insurance companies do not claim. Because this is cast, must see insurance clause clearly when insuring, buy the product that covers earthquake responsibility just is effective.