Insurance is needed for overseas travel following Indonesia’s magnitude 7.4 earthquake

Indonesia’s earthquake and tsunami have killed at least 48 people and injured 356, according to the country’s disaster relief agency. The death toll is still rising. The agency also said many “bodies” had been found on Indonesian beaches, China international television and the Associated Press reported. But a spokesman for the agency said it had not received more comprehensive reports of casualties because local communications were down.

The earthquake triggered a tsunami that hit palu, the capital of central sulawesi province, and dongara, another city. In a live local television interview, he said the tsunami had swept away some houses and there were reports of people missing. He said communications with the central sulawesi region had been cut off and search and rescue efforts had been hampered by dark weather. The tsunami has reached palu, agence france-presse reported, citing the head of the earthquake and tsunami department at the disaster relief agency. Palu, 80 kilometers from the quake’s epicenter, has a population of about 350,000.印尼7

Recently, therefore, have to travel to Indonesia plans for Chinese tourists must be vigilant, overseas travel before departure should not only in advance to check the scenic area, completes the necessary security work, also don’t forget to take the initiative to insure against a overseas travel insurance for yourself, and start to play abroad, after insurance takes effect so that the policy to provide safety care can cover your whole trip to Indonesia.

Indonesia 7

Overseas travel insurance belongs to one kind of accident insurance, which is mainly a 24-hour all-weather and comprehensive emergency rescue service and accident, medical treatment and rescue service expense insurance guarantee jointly launched for the risks of overseas travel, visiting relatives and friends, business trips and accidents and medical treatment.

In order to better ensure their own travel safety, the vast number of tourists should choose a cover travel accident death, disability, medical care and acute, emergency rescue services and other security tourism insurance products, but the basic amount of insurance should be set for personal annual income of 10 times or so. As for the setting of medical insurance amount, it is recommended that it is not less than 200,000 yuan, which can effectively deal with your medical risks.

Secondly, the duration of overseas tourism guarantee is usually set according to the number of days you visit Japan. On the whole, the duration of overseas tourism guarantee you choose should be greater than or equal to the actual duration of the tour. Such safeguard ability is comprehensive, give whole itinerary exclusive caress.