Eat 5 mushroom recipes for healthy weight loss in spring

春季减肥 吃5款菌菇食谱健康减肥

Eat 5 mushroom recipes for healthy weight loss in spring

Count the nutrients in mushroom

There are many kinds of mushroom, such as golden mushroom, mushroom, grass mushroom, oyster mushroom and so on. Their calorie is quite low. Some of them only contain 10~30 calories per 100g.

Dietary fiber: they are rich in dietary fiber, like a small piece of sponge, into the body will absorb fat, activate the intestinal function, not only can improve constipation, discharge and waste, but also can reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis.

Vitamin B group: mushroom food is rich in vitamin B group, can promote metabolism, more can effectively ensure the quality of sports. Contain rich vitamin B2 to be able to decompose fat qualitative, maintain the healthy state of skin and mucous membrane, still can let go smoothly.

& beta; -glucan: activate immune cells, improve immunity, but also a kind of water absorption expansion of the material, can increase the sense of fullness.

Two, mushroom thin body eat method

1, instead of meat: mushrooms and chewy, eat more can feel full. Use mushrooms instead of meat to increase portion size and reduce calories.

2, boil mushroom soup: use various mushrooms to boil into mushroom soup, become the weight of the full weight of light food. The different mouthfeel of various kinds of mushroom kind, chew slowly, taste slowly, also can use up a lot of quantity of heat.

春季减肥 吃5款菌菇食谱健康减肥

1. Natural fat-lowering star — & ndash; Needle mushroom

Flambe mushroom is a kind of nutrient extremely rich high protein, low fat fungus food, regular consumption can reduce cholesterol, prevent and cardiovascular disease. It is also called the “ Lose weight mushroom & throughout; Is a rare natural thin body division. Its vitamin B content is all in mushroom kind highest, not only have the good effect that eliminates fatigue, still can adjust tall can help the metabolization of candy qualitative with adipose, make reduce weight plan more successful. Rich insoluble food fiber components, can be stored in the gastrointestinal metabolism. Have Nick ammonia element, can promote the action of vitamin B and candy qualitative metabolization, also be advantageous to reducing weight.

Best match: mushroom cabbage tofu soup

Ingredients: 200g golden mushroom, 50g Chinese cabbage, 4 small pieces of tofu, oil, salt and scallion.

Method: the cabbage, mushroom and tofu wash, add 4 to 5 bowls of water in the pot, after the ingredients with medium fire boil, add oil, salt, when the pot with scallions can be.

When to eat it: instead of dinner.

Efficacy: besides golden mushroom, Chinese cabbage and bean curd also are to reduce weight win article, they complement each other in nutrient element respect, bean curd is high mineral substance and low adipose food, can accelerate metabolism, and Chinese cabbage has tall cellulose, can compact model skin fiber.

2, promote the metabolism of the blessing star — & ndash; mushroom

Pleurotus edodes, also known as mushroom, has a soft, smooth texture and a delicious taste. Therefore, pleurotus edodes has a very good intestinal function, which can be effectively improved by people with constipation or frequent abdominal distension. Plus pleurotus edodes is the cheapest of the three, so it’s very popular.

Mushroom natural taste is sweet, warm, has the effect of pursuing wind and dispersing cold, shujin activating collaterals, regular consumption has certain benefits to improve metabolism, enhance physique.

Best match: clear water coriander mushroom

Ingredients: mushroom 300g, cilantro 20g, salt, vinegar each amount how to do: the mushroom root, tear into silk, wash, into boiling water boil for 5 minutes, remove the water control. Wash cilantro and cut into small pieces. Add 4-5 bowls of water to the pot. Bring to a boil over high heat.

When to eat it: instead of dinner.

Efficacy: each 100g of mushroom has only 20 calories, and each 100g of coriander only 31 calories, and because cilantro xin sheng SAN, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, weight loss effect times better.


(1) oyster mushroom belongs to the fungus raw material, must scald water before use, removes the harmful substance.

(2) before the pot must be drizzling vinegar, so as to give out the incense, because the oyster mushroom itself only umami, drizzling vinegar can better stimulate umami, better than any fresh seasoning.

(3) generally edible, infirm, digestive system disease, urethral lithiasis patients especially suitable.

3. Heat-clearing and detoxification expert — & ndash; Straw mushrooms

Though slightly higher in calories than mushrooms, straw mushrooms contain several times more fiber. In addition, straw mushroom contains eight kinds of essential amino acids necessary for normal metabolism of human body, as well as a large amount of vitamin C, which can promote metabolism and improve body immunity. Still have detoxification effect, when entering human body, can combine with its, form fight bad blood yuan, with urinate eduction.

Best match: bean sprout mushroom soup

Ingredients: 200g fresh straw mushroom, 200g yellow bean sprout, appropriate amount of oil and salt

Practice: fresh mushroom washed and cut into half, bean sprouts washed and cut into sections. Put the oil into the pot, bring to a boil, add the fresh straw mushroom, yellow bean sprouts and stir fry, then add 4 to 5 bowls of water, cook for 10 minutes or so and add salt.

When to eat it: instead of dinner.

Efficacy: this soup can clear heat, moisten dryness and reduce body weight.


(1) if there is no fresh straw mushroom, use dried straw mushroom instead.

(2) to extend the fresh mushroom preservation time, should be spread out to store, and cover with a damp paper towel.

(3) both fresh and dried straw mushrooms should not be soaked for too long.

(4) patients with cold asthma should not eat.

4, get rid of greasy and fat lowering king — & ndash; Black fungus

Black fungus contains rich colloid, the lecithin that it is rich in is in the body can make inside body fat shows liquid qualitative state, be helpful for adipose be used up inside body completely, drive adipose motion inside body, make adipose distribution is reasonable, the body is well-proportioned. Cellulose promotes bowel peristalsis, promote adipose excretion, be helpful for reducing weight.

Best match: black fungus radish soup

Materials: black fungus 100g, white radish 200g, salt, monosodium glutamate amount

How to eat: black fungus with blisters, wash the impurities, white radish peeled and cut into pieces, add 4 ~ 5 bowls of water to the pot, add black fungus and white radish together and cook the soup. Cooked after the salt, MSG edible.

When to eat it: instead of dinner.

Efficacy: this soup has the effect of removing greasy fat and reducing weight. White turnip contains a lot of saccharification that can help digestion enzymatic, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, reduce food to remain inside body time, achieve the effect that reduce weight.


(1) black fungus must be soaked with cold water, according to the quality of the fungus to determine the soaking time. Many people save time by soaking black fungus in warm water so that the nutrients and gum are lost.

(2) black fungus should not be eaten with snail.

5, delicious weight loss two not wrong — & ndash; The mushroom

Mushroom, also known as mushroom, is rich in glutamic acid, so it tastes extremely delicious, whether it is cooking soup or cooking, is an ideal ingredient food. The crude fiber, half crude fiber and lignin that contain human body to digest hard in mushroom, can maintain the moisture inside bowel to balance, still can absorb remaining cholesterol, candy, eduction its outside the body, to prevent constipation, bowel cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes to wait very advantageous; Mushroom contains tyrosinase, have apparent effect to reducing blood pressure. Mushroom still contains rich and amino acid composition, because this can eliminate flatulence, stop vomiting diarrhoea. Belong to have savoury appetizer meal, can prick appetite, complement vitamin B2 at the same time.

Best match: rape and mushroom

Ingredients: rape, cooking wine, soy sauce, mushrooms, oyster sauce, monosodium glutamate, salt.


1 from the wok, oil heat, Fried garlic slices, the next piece of meat fire stir fry;

2. After the meat becomes discolored, pour in the cooking wine and soy sauce and stir in the tender mushrooms.

3. After the mushrooms become soft, add the rape stalk and the rape leaves, and continue to stir-fry.

4. When the canola becomes soft and discolored, add appropriate oyster sauce, salt and monosodium glutamate, and remove the juice from the pot over high heat.